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Innovation & Sustainability

Gràfiques Imprenta Gráficas VARIAS Etiquetas
Our success would not be complete unless we felt we were making a positive and sustainable impact upon the world around us.
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- Innovation -

Globally recognised brands are not only our commercial suppliers, they are also our allies in innovation projects, a path rich in recognition and shared achievements

The relationship we have built with our clients and suppliers shows that when you work with enthusiasm and dedication, business ties can develop into strong and genuine friendships.

This close and trusting relationship not only gives us the opportunity to work side by side with clients and suppliers and become deeply involved in their projects, but also it has allowed us to establish an ongoing conversation, a bond of mutual trust and commitment that transcends any commercial transaction and takes us to the crest of the wave of the latest trends, materials, resources and market developments, sharing experiences and knowledge to carry out works of extraordinary quality. This collaboration is a true source of inspiration and pushes us to continue innovating and improving day by day.

Gràfiques Imprenta Gráficas VARIAS Etiquetas
First state graphic arts company to have EMAS certification
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We implement smart coding processes
Gràfiques Imprenta Gráficas VARIAS Etiquetas
Pioneers in the promotion of sustainable materials in the manufacture of labels

- Sustainability -

Printing that is sustainable, inspiring and aware

At Gràfiques VARIAS we work every day with the conviction that our success would not be complete unless we were able to contribute to generating a positive and sustainable impact on the world around us. Because for us, the most important thing about our business is not only offering exceptional graphic solutions, but also doing so with purpose in a sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible way, so that we can ensure a future for generations to come.

Gràfiques Imprenta Gráficas VARIAS Etiquetas Quality
Waste reduction
We have reduced hazardous pre-press waste by 15%
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Promotion of recycling
We distil solvents and reuse them in tool cleaning
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Waste recovery
97.2% of waste, such as dismantled reels, is sent for recovery
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Reduced consumption
We automate processes to reduce ink consumption and paper wastage
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Renewable energy company
42% of energy consumed comes from renewable sources

Environment Certificate ISO 14001

Registration Certificate EMAS

Environmental Statement 2022

Sustainability Report 2011

- Quality -

Perfection in every detail: vocation, commitment and excellence

The search for perfection in every detail is the hallmark of VARIAS Graphics. For us, printing goes beyond a simple task; it is a vocation that is governed by a commitment to quality, excellence in service and the satisfaction of those who trust us.

At Gràfiques VARIAS we could not achieve any of our goals without proper personnel management, efficient use of resources and the appropriate definition of all production processes.

This commitment to achieving the highest standards of excellence has been recognized through our ISO 9002/94 certification in July 1997 and updated by the DNV certification body, to the current ISO 9001/2015.

Quality Certificate ISO 9001

Quality, safety and environment policy

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- Social Responsibility -

Committed to equality

At Gràfiques VARIAS we are taking great steps towards real equality, aware that we still have a long way to go. In 2022, we launched our first Equality Plan between men and women, with the firm conviction to integrate measures that promote and strengthen equal opportunities in all areas of our printing company.

Our Equality Plan is transversal, preventive and based on dialogue. Its main objective is to continue making progress in achieving a fairer and more equitable society, where men and women have the same opportunities to develop personally and professionally within a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Plan for equal opportunities between men and women 2022-2026

Gràfiques Imprenta Gráficas VARIAS Etiquetas
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