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Gràfiques Imprenta Gráficas VARIAS Etiquetas


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The ruin of many projects evokes its origins in a bad impression, in designs that do not exploit all the possibilities that reproduction systems offer, or in clients, who without realizing it, go from art direction to purchasing, conditioning the project.

What is the origin of this recurring controversy? The accusations would cross from one side to the other, but there is no greater cause than inconsistent communication, when precisely the success of a project lies in teamwork in which capabilities are enhanced by complementing knowledge and demands.

An important tool for effective communication is “briefing” as a means to promote mastery of clear ideas about what you want to achieve, in what time frame and with what means.

Initially, it is the client who exposes the needs of the project to the creator, and from there, he prepares a plan with specific details at a graphic and design level, in addition to the objectives, requirements, budget and deadlines.

Then it is the printer, who, based on the experience of working with the designer, or at least a previous collaboration, will accurately replicate the proposed project, avoiding the existence of printing difficulties and achieving the desired success.

An integrated realization not only generates good quality, but also minimizes costs.

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