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Sleeves are a creative packaging technique that provides the container with a 360º coating, achieving greater brand visibility. So if you are looking for a design that differentiates your product from the competition, perhaps you can find your greatest ally in sleeves, and in these fundamentals, your reasons.

Adaptability: Being a film that after the application of heat acquires the shape of the container, provides the coating of all its angles, and even, if necessary, provides sealing security as a guarantee seal, a key factor in cosmetics and food.

They are made up of a special material, called thermo-shrinkable film, generally based on PET, whose characteristics guarantee its durability and flexibility, while preserving the design against high temperatures, humidity and light.


– Provide the container with a canvas where you can exploit the decorative and informative art of your brand, with both aesthetic and promotional functionality.

– Greater visual impact

– Multiple finishes

– Greater information area

– Applicable in all sectors: beverages, cosmetics, food, pharmacy, chemicals, etc.

Sustainability: The labeling industry has been improving its technology and today it can offer more sustainable materials in sleeves such as rPET (recycled PET) or PLA, derived from natural and renewable raw materials, such as corn, which under specific conditions degrade. . In addition, to be able to apply other recycling mechanisms focused both on removing the material from the bottle and reusing it, as well as on the inclusion of recycled bases in its own production.


Yes, sleeves have come to revolutionize the concept of conventional label with its proposal of 360º decorative techniques with greater visual impact.

It is an advantage? Yes

Is it functional? If you use it well, it sure does!

Do you still have doubts? Contact us and we will tell you about the advantages in your sector!

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