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Gràfiques Imprenta Gráficas VARIAS Etiquetas
Gràfiques Imprenta Gráficas VARIAS Etiquetas

Varias Design Day is a day of collective collaboration between creatives, clients and printers under the seal of sustainability and the label, in which the career of Pere Pagà, CEO of Pagà Disseny, is also recognized for his collaboration with Gràfiques VARIAS, its creative influence over more than 25 years in the design of wine and cavas labels, and values ​​that identify you with those of our company.

The event will be attended by a limited, recognized and influential group of people from the wine sector, designers, producers of raw materials and educational centers, to deal with sustainability in the environment of the label and design as the main expression. Undoubtedly a meeting to expose criteria around sustainable solutions from the different points of view of the supply chain.

This act of dialogue and learning will be recorded among the sustainability & packaging headlines of the INFOPACK magazine, in addition to distribution through local channels, social networks and the web so that all those interested are participants and also trainers of the best project to create value without losing the essence of what is really important.

We attach a link of the day VARIAS DESIGN DAY

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